Baluran National Park is located in situbondoregency , east java Indonesia. It is consists of savanna ( 40 % ) as well as lowland forest, mangrove forest, and hills, with baluran mountain ( 1,247 m ) as its highest peaks.There have been 444 species of plant in the park, including ziziphusrotundifolia, Tamarindusindica, Diocoreahispida,  aleuritesmoluccanus and Coryphautan.

The park is has 26 species of mammals, including the endangered Bull, Sumantran dhole, Indian muntjac, Java mouse deer, fishing cat, and java lutung,Bird species included the greeb peafowl, red junglefowl, Malabar pied hombill, rhinoceros hombill and lesser adjutant

The interesting places in baluran

Japan Cave
Japan cave is one of historical witness that located in baluran national park was happened battle between Indonesian army againt Japanese army, japan cave has wide about 12 km that contain in 2 chambers, the north chamber was used to save weapon, while the south chamber was used as afissure to see an enemy.

Bekol savanna
in this place we can observ many animals such us bull, indianmuntjac, javea mouse deer etc. in the morning and in the afternoon whe the sun go down we can see the animal’s activities and behavior of those animals from tower

Bama Beach
Bama beach is located in the east of Baluran national park, you will see the beautiful beach, Mangrove forest, bama source and mantingan source, the fantastic moment that you will see many monkey with a long tail fishing crabs in the beach