Banyuwangi is one of regency in Indonesia that located in the corner of java island. The majority of the people are farmers, gardeners and fishermen. Banyuwangi regency extends over an area of 5.800 square km. comprising southern beachesn brushed by the indian ocean. The impressive volcano in Banyuwangi such us Mt Raung that stand 3.282 meter , Mt Merapi at 2.800 meter and Ijen mountain as known Ijen crater at 2.300 meter above sea level.Gandrung banyuwangi

Banyuwangi has various art, cultures and tradition. One of the traditional art is Gandrung, the local government hold Gandrung festival every year on Boom beach namely Gandrung sewu “ sewu means a thousand’’ . Most of the participants are girls who study in university and senior high school. Besides Gandrung we can see Seblang, Kuntulan, Angklung, damarwulan, Ketoprak, kebo keboan, Jaranan in Banyuwangi.

The native people of Banyuwangi is Osing people, they have their own language namely osing language, besides Osing people the javanisse people live in southern of Banyuwangi and most of them are farmer and gardener. For maduranise people most of them are fishermen and Gardener. They live in east and western of Banyuwangi.


The diverse natural scenery, the rich art, cultures, tradition make many people visit Banyuwangi. They are not only from local people but also foreigners. So the local government is supported and benefited by tourism industry. And the income of tourism provide to develop the Banyuwangi Regency

The way to get Banyuwangi city is more easy now. one of favorite transportation is train. the train can be start  from surabaya train station, probolinggo station and stop in karang asem or Banyuwangi station. and for traveller from Bali can be start ubung bus station and  going to Gilimanuk harbor, when the bus reach Gilimanuk harbor then crossing to Ketapang harbor that located in Banyuwangi city.