Ijen crater as known kawah ijen is one of mountain that located in banyuwangi, East java,Indonesia. Ijen  crater has an altitude of 2,443 m above sea level. Walled caldera as high as 300-500 m and the mountain erupted four times 1796,1817,1913, and 1036.

Ijen crater lake is the center of the largest in the world which can produce 36 million cubic sulfur with an area of ​​5,466 hectares. Ijen crater has an extraordinary beauty with a crater lake water is turquoise.  the lake have zero acidity level and has a depth for about 200 meters.

Ijen crater is  famous mountain in Banyuwangi, Indonesia because blue fire fenomena that we can see in the night. almost every night many people come to ijen crater to see blue fire and also beautiful lake and sunrise. to come in ijen crater is very easy, for the first time please come to Banyuwangi city and book hotel/homestay and then call one of travell agent in Banyuwangi, they will help you go to ijen crater.